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The Electric Radio Show



Feb 15, 2017

Here we go again, Its another crazy Episode of The Electric Radio Show. Your gonna laugh and your gonna learn why we called this episode "Mister Fister's Slip"

The Electric Radio Show is being called The Hottest up coming show on the air today, it is absolutely brilliantly hilarious. Jack Hammer & Andre Kane along with Dee-Lite and Sacred owl take you on a journey of entertainment that only ERS Can take you on. There are many other shows trying to do what The Electric Radio Show is doing but there's only one show that is the real leader, Its The Electric Radio Show found at

Batel joins the gang this time around with his magical prestidigitation, Tom Brokejaw swings in for the ERS News Brief, Jack Hammer does The Walking Dead Report,the gang shouts out the new social media followers and so much more. Find out what "A Soldiers Call" is all about and also find out what The "ERS Test Drive" is. It all happens right here in one place, The Electric Radio Show.

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The Electric Radio Show.